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Get rid of your stack of unused games for cash

Technology is changing all the time, and chances are, you have a few outdated electronic items laying around at home. Bring in any games, DVDs, CDs, and more, and we'll give you cash on the spot to take your old items off your hands.

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  • BluRays

  • Video games

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  • Game systems

  • Stereos

Get rid of your electronics today!

Don't worry about the size or condition of your items - we have need for a full range of electronic items. Bring in anything from iPods to electric instruments!


We're always on the lookout for electronic keyboards and other instruments, so feel free to bring in your unused electric guitars and keyboards.

We'll take large or small electronics

Bring in your electronics for a FREE evaluation!



Get friendly and attentive customer service and evaluations at Doc Holliday's General Store, every time.

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