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Doc Holliday's General Store - Pawn Shop | Ozark, MO

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Gold and silver coins Gold and silver coins Jewelries

Make money of your jewelry

You can bring any type of jewelry to us to be pawned - we'll take your old, new, mint-condition, or even broken jewelry! If you're interested in selling or just pawning for a loan, we'll take care of your jewelry for pawn to get you cash as quickly as possible.

  • Rings

  • Necklaces

  • Earrings

  • Broken chains

  • Loose diamonds

  • Silver and gold

All jewelry types for a great price

If you have precious metal items beyond just jewelry that you're interested in pawning, be our guest.


We'll take silver and gold coins, as well as other precious metal items - we'll even take a look at your scrap items. If you have any questions about whether the item you have is able to be pawned, stop in and let us take a look!

Make bank on your precious metals

Get cash for your jewelry with us!



Don't worry about whether your obscure items may be able to be pawned - we're willing to look into and invest in a large variety of items!